Prep:  5 min
Cook:  10 min
Serves:  dinner party (8-10)
Average: 3.7 (6 votes)
Recipe by: Birch and Waite
Broad beans are an ideal flavour conduit, working particularly well with the spicy smokiness of quality chorizo sausage and fresh, creamy feta. But what takes this dish to another level is the clever addition of Birch & Waite Greek Lemon Dressing just before serving. Simple and delicious.

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Broad Bean and Chorizo Salad
  1. Place broad beans in a heatproof bowl. Cover with boiling water and leave for 1 minute. Drain and rinse under cold water. Peel and discard skins. Rinse
  2. Pan fry chorizo for 1 minute. Add onion and continue sauteing until chorizo is golden. Remove from pan
  3. Combine broad beans, chorizo, onion and parsley in a salad bowl. Top with crumbled feta and dress with Birch & Waite Greek Lemon Dressing
Tips & Hints:
  • Serves 8-10. Broad beans are in season in spring. If using fresh, remove from pods, cook for 2 minutes in boiling water, drain and peel.
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