Prep:  10 mins
Cook:  15 mins
Serves:  4
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Recipe by: Breville
Recipe by Simon Johnson. This recipe is made with the Smart Oven™ Pro. Develop complex flavours with even convection heating.
Credit: Simon Johnson

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Goats Cheese and Prosciutto Pizza
  1. For best results, use the Smart Oven™ Pro by Breville
  2. Put the pizza base onto a pizza tray
  3. Spread with the succo or tomato passata. Top with the mozzarella, goats cheese and tomatoes
  4. Place inside SMART OVEN PRO and select ROAST function and press START. Toggle to select HIGH setting turn the TEMPERATURE dial 240°C and dial up 15 minutes; Press START. Bake for until the pizza base is crisp and golden
  5. Remove from the oven top with the sliced prosciutto and mixed lettuce leaves
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