Prep:  15 minutes
Makes:  2 sandwiches
Serves:  2
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Recipe by: Foodbank
This recipe was created in support of the Foodbank, 2016 Food Fight campaign. This recipe is made with Helga's White & Light Rye Bread as well as Primo's Shaved Honey Ham & Sliced Turkey. Show your support when you purchase these products during the Food Fight in August.

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Super Ham and Turkey Club Sandwiches
  1. For each sandwich, spoon a quarter of the avocado over 1 slice of toasted white bread. Top with ham and two slices of the cheese
  2. Spread one side of the toasted rye bread with half of the aioli or mayonnaise. Then place on top of the cheese (aioli side down over the cheese)
  3. Spread the top side of the rye toast with half of the cranberry sauce. Top with half the turkey breast, tomato and lettuce
  4. Spread remaining white toast with another quarter of avocado. Place over lettuce
  5. Cut sandwich into halves or quarters and secure with toothpicks. Repeat to make the second sandwich. Serve with French fries
  6. Serve with Mount Franklin water
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