7 Valentine’s dessert ideas without chocolate

These non-chocolate dessert ideas for Valentine’s Day are full of flavours like caramel, berries and rose that make them romantic and delectable! 

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7 Valentine’s dessert ideas without chocolate

For those that aren’t huge fans of chocolate, these non-chocolate dessert ideas for Valentine’s Day are still romantic and delectable! Serve up stunning desserts using flavours including caramel, rose, berries, and passionfruit. Find all the recipes below and spoil someone special this Valentine’s Day - without any chocolate.

Persian love cake

The legend is that a Persian woman baked this fragrant and enchanted cake to make a prince fall in love with her… whether it worked or not depends on who you ask, but with this almond and rose-scented recipe you can’t go wrong!
Get the recipe: Persian Love Cake

Ricotta and raspberry puddings

These fluffy ricotta puddings are a light and sweet way to finish a romantic meal. Dotted with red raspberries, these little puddings definitely look the part for a Valentine’s meal too.

Irish cream and caramel crackles

Get the recipe: Irish Cream and Caramel Crackles

These adult’s only crackles are flavoured with Baileys Irish Cream and Jersey caramels, a little bit naughty and very, very nice. 


Hot, fresh Spanish donuts with caramel sauce, if you want to win someone’s heart through their stomach you really can’t go wrong with these.

Cherry, raspberry and almond tart

This stunning tart is a great choice for Valentine’s day because it’s full of ruby red fruit – the colour of love and passion. Show your special someone how much you care by making this tart from scratch.

Sponge cake with cream and passionfruit curd

Light and fluffy vanilla sponge topped with whipped cream and passionfruit curd. Surely ‘passion’fruit rates as one of the most romantic foods!

Dutch baby pancake

Get the recipes: Caramelised Apple and Cinnamon Dutch Baby

If you’re out to impress, a towering, puffy Dutch Baby Pancake will do the trick. Pull it from the oven and top with gorgeous caramelised apples and ice cream. 

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