Colourful party snacks


These colourful party snacks can be customised into a rainbow of colours. Get plenty of rainbow party food ideas here, and great tips on how to customise them.

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Colourful party snacks

This collection of colourful party snacks are super fun and can be easily customised to match the theme of your event. Whether it's a sports carnival, footy finals, Christmas, Halloween, baby showers or more, a few choice lollies or food colouring is all it takes to make your snacks really stand out.

Get the recipes and some ideas for customising them below!

Chocolate Crackle Popcorn

Get the recipe: Chocolate Crackle Popcorn

These bite-sized rainbow delights just need different food colouring to be customised. For an extra special touch, you could sprinkle edible glitter on top for a bit of sparkle.

Chocolate Crackles

Get the recipe: Chocolate Crackles with M&M's

Who can resist a nostalgic chocolate crackle? Use different coloured M&M's to match the theme of your event, nowadays they even have festive packs of M&M's with particular colours to make it easy.

Rainbow Cake

Get the recipe: Rainbow Teacake with Vanilla Frosting and M&M's

Make a rainbow teacake with stripes of colourful M&M's. Using colourful lollies is much easier than piping coloured icing, and it looks fantastic. 


Colourful Meringues

Get the recipe: Pink Marble Meringues

These marble meringues look super cute topped with contrasting colours. If you want a rainbow look, try making blue meringues topped with strawberries, kiwi and mango.


Unicorn Chocolate Crackle Cups

Get the recipe: Unicorn Chocolate Crackle Cups

Nostalgic chocolate crackles pressed into a cup shape and filled with colourful marshmallow fluff and lollies - just as fun to make as they are to eat.


Colourful cupcakes

This recipe for pink cupcakes is super easy and can be made in any colour. Split the icing into different bowls to make different batches of coloured icing. 

Get the recipe: Pink Cupcakes


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