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6 classic kids' party food recipes

These classic kids' party recipes will delight the kids and bring a few nostalgic memories back. Get these old school recipes for your next party!

In partnership and featuring recipes from  Copha.

Classic kids’ party food ideas

These old school favourites are some of the ultimate kids’ party food recipes. Whether you’re feeling like a retro treat or you’re planning a party with some classic bites, these recipes will fit the bill.

1. Chocolate crackles

Get the recipe:  Kids' Party Chocolate Crackles

Choose  classic chocolate crackles or add some colour with smarties. Chocolate crackles are a winner no matter which you choose.

2. Rocky road

Marshmallows, glace cherries and caramel popcorn coated in chocolate. What’s not to love about a good  Rocky Road Recipe? This classic treat can be made with white chocolate too, like in this  White Chocolate & Raspberry Rocky Road recipe.  

3. Honey joys

These little treats are so aptly named! Crunchy golden patty pans of joy, it's not a kids' party without a tray of  Honey Joys. Complete your spread with a few of these snacks, try sprinkling them with hundreds and thousands for a colourful confetti look.

4. Hedgehog slice

You can’t go wrong with  Hedgehog Slice: crumbly shortbread, chewy lollies and chocolate icing. Yum! This hedgehog slice has a touch of popping candy added in for a crackly surprise that’s super fun for the kids.

5. Candy bark

Candy bark is a classic treat and it’s so easy. The Copha gives the chocolate a nice shine without needing to temper it. This  Popping Candy Bark has only three ingredients, one of them being a bit of rainbow coloured popping candy sprinkled over the top. 

6. Birthday cake

This cake recipe covered in a rainbow of M&Ms is what birthday dreams are made of. Make this  Rainbow Teacake with Vanilla Frosting and M&Ms in rainbow colours or theme it according to the birthday kids' favourite colours.

More kids' party recipes

Discover more kids' party recipes below!

Get the recipe:  Triple Layered Chocolate Crackle Slice

Turn chocolate crackles into a triple layered slice! (Psst, this is a great idea if you don't have patty pans on hand!)

Get the recipe: Chocolate Crackle Popcorn

Make chocolate crackles with white chocolate then add the birthday kid's favourite colours for these fun, bite-sized treats.

Get the recipe: Pure White Frosting

Pure white frosting is almost impossible to achieve with other ingredients, try this recipe to get beautiful white frosting for cakes and cupcakes.

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Chocolate Crackles

Kids Party Layered Chocolate Crackle Slice

Chocolate Crackle Popcorn

Honey Joys

Popping Candy Hedgehog

Popping Candy Bark

Rainbow Teacake with Vanilla Frosting and M&Ms

Chocolate and Peanut Butter Cheesecake

Mini Red Velvet Cupcakes