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How to make arancini balls with leftover risotto

Learn how to make arancini from leftover risotto with these risotto recipes and easy arancini ball recipes. 

In partnership and featuring recipes from Perfect Italiano.  

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How to make arancini balls with leftover risotto

Turn any risotto into arancini balls with this easy recipe! From a creamy, comforting meal to a hot and crunchy (and extra cheesy) appetiser or main. This particular recipe uses vegetarian pumpkin and spinach risotto, but any leftover risotto will work.

Watch how to make risotto for arancini

The first step to arancini is leftover risotto. Get the full recipe for pumpkin and spinach risotto, and check out lots more risotto recipes below. Choose from Chicken and Vegetable Risotto, Pesto Parmesan Risotto and more.

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How to make arancini balls with leftover risotto


3 cups leftover risotto, at room temperature
2 eggs
1½ cups (150 g) panko breadcrumbs
1 cup (90 g) Perfect Italiano™ Mozzarella
1 cup plain flour
Olive oil, for deep frying
Perfect Italiano™ Parmesan, finely grated, to serve


  1. Line an oven tray with baking paper
  2. Combine the risotto, one of the eggs and ½ cup breadcrumbs in a bowl. For each Arancini, using damp hands, flatten ½ cup of risotto mixture in the palm of your hand. Place a heaped tablespoon of mozzarella at centre of risotto mixture, then shape to enclose mozzarella and form a ball. Repeat to make 6 arancini in total
  3. Whisk extra egg in a shallow bowl. Place remaining breadcrumbs on a large flat plate. Place flour in a shallow bowl. Coat arancini in flour, shake off any excess. Dip arancini in egg, then roll in breadcrumbs to coat. Place on the prepared tray. Refrigerate for 15 minutes
  4. Heat the olive oil in a large saucepan to high heat. In 3 batches, deep fry the arancini for 2 - 3 minutes or until golden brown, reheating the oil between batches
  5. Serve the arancini scattered with the finely grated parmesan

Get the recipe you can save to your myfoodbook cookbooks here: Giant Arancini Balls

Tips for making arancini

Start with room temperature risotto

Before you start making your arancini balls, bring the leftover risotto back to room temperature. Take the leftovers out of the fridge at least 20 minutes before starting, or if you’ve made fresh risotto for arancini let it cool to room temperature. This ensures the risotto is firm enough to roll and will also get hot all the way through when frying.

How to get extra flavourful arancini

For extra cheesy and flavourful arancini, stuff the centre with mozzarella and grate parmesan over the top. A good quality grated mozzarella like Perfect Italiano Mozzarella will give you the right texture and melt for a photo-worthy cheese-stretch result. A parmesan like Perfect Italiano Parmesan will give you that cheesy, salty kick that’s ideal with the creamy arancini.

Cook in batches

Keep the oil hot by frying your arancini in batches and letting the oil reheat between batches. Hot oil equals crunchier, less oily finished arancini.

Drain the finished arancini

Line a plate with paper towel and place finished arancini on top to absorb any excess oil.

Enjoy while it’s hot

Arancini is best when it’s still warm and fresh. Be careful not to burn yourself, but also don’t wait too long to enjoy the crisp outside and gooey, cheesy inside!

More risotto recipes

Experiment with your arancini flavours with these different risotto recipes. 

*DISCLAIMER: Perfect Italiano is a contributing recipe partner at This feature includes a mix of content sourced from Perfect Italiano and our own opinions. You can find out more about the full range of Perfect Italiano Cheese here.

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