How to make pasta at home


Learn how to make pasta from scratch. Get the recipes for fresh pasta dough, ravioli, cannelloni and potato gnocchi using flour, eggs and other simple ingredients.

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How to make pasta from scratch

Making pasta from scratch is a satisfying and fun activity for the whole family. It’s so simple to make pasta, you just need flour and eggs to get started. See how to make pasta dough, cannelloni, ravioli and gnocchi below, then get recipes to make with your fresh pasta.

Perfect Fresh Pasta

Get the recipe: Perfect Fresh Pasta

This basic pasta dough recipe makes the perfect pasta dough that you can roll out into your favourite shapes. If you want to keep it simple, simply slice into strips for fresh fettucine. If you want to get creative, you can cut and roll the dough into your favourite pasta shapes.

How to make ravioli

Get the recipe: Perfect Ravioli

Fill your perfect ravioli with your favourite fillings, or try these ravioli filling ideas:

  • Spinach and ricotta
  • Ricotta and pumpkin
  • Beef mince and spinach
  • Cream cheese and herbs

Remember, less is more when it comes to filling your ravioli. Don't stuff your pasta with too much filling or they could burst while cooking.

How to make cannelloni

Get the recipe: Perfect Cannelloni

Chopped herbs and spinach mixed with Perfect Italiano Ricotta is a classic filling. Top your cannelloni with plenty of Perfect Italiano Perfect Bakes cheese to get a beautiful cheesy topping on your homemade cannelloni.

How to make gnocchi

Get the recipe: Perfect Potato Gnocchi

Make these lovely pillowy dumplings from scratch. The parmesan cheese ensures a delicious dumpling, ready for all your favourite gnocchi recipes.

GET THE RECIPE: Quick and Easy Fettuccine Carbonara

Fresh fettuccine only takes between 1-3 minutes to cook, depending on thickness. Treat it more gently than you would dried pasta.

GET THE RECIPE: 30-Minute Pizza Pasta Bake

This 30-min recipe would be even faster with fresh gnocchi. To cook fresh gnocchi, place in boiling salted water, let it float to the surface then cook for two minutes longer.

GET THE RECIPE: Really Easy Pumpkin and Ricotta Cannelloni

Easy and delicious pumpkin filling for your cannelloni!

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