How to separate eggs

No matter your skill level, there's an easy way to crack eggs and separate them (without breaking the yolk)! Here are four eggs-pert ways to separate egg yolks, including different hacks if you don't have an egg separator.

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How to separate eggs 

Here are four easy, hygienic ways to separate eggs. If you have little bakers in your house, we bet they’re going to love #2. 



The spoon method

Place a slotted spoon over a bowl, crack the egg over the spoon and let the egg white fall through the holes. 

The bottle method

Crack an egg into a flat plate or shallow bowl. Grab an empty water bottle, squeeze it and, holding it upside down, position the opening over the egg yolk. When you release your grip on the bottle, the suction will propel the yolk upward and into the bottle. This is a fun one to teach kids about science.  

Separator method 

As simple as it sounds, use an egg separator so that the yolk is neatly contained and the egg white slips through into a bowl. 

Hand method 

Crack an egg into a clean hand placed over a bowl. Gently wiggle your fingers and let the egg white slip through. This is also a great technique for squeezing lemons and catching the seeds.  

Recipes with egg whites and egg yolks

Now you know what to do, it's time to get cooking! Here's what to do with egg whites and egg yolks, from creamy lemon curds to pillowy souffle pancakes, there's so much that you can do with separated eggs. Scroll down to see plenty of recipes.


GET THE RECIPE: Magic Custard Cake

This cake relies on the magic foaminess of whipped egg whites! If there's even a trace of egg yolk in the whites, you won't get the same three lovely layers in this cake.

GET THE RECIPE: Classic Pavlova with Kiwi Fruit and Lemon Curd

Use the whites for this light and fluffy pavlova, then use the yolks for the smooth and zesty lemon curd. 

GET THE RECIPE: Pine-Lime Curd

Extra egg yolks make this tropical curd ultra thick, rich and vibrant. If you like your curd even thicker, you can add more yolks.

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