How to use up leftover egg whites and yolks


Wondering what to do with your leftover egg whites or egg yolks? Here are lots of ideas and recipes that tell you how to use leftover egg whites and leftover egg yolks.

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What to do with leftover egg whites and egg yolks

When a recipe calls for only the egg whites or yolks, it’s a shame to bin the other half of the egg. And the good news is… You certainly don’t have to! With this quick guide, learn how to store them and get great recipes that use up egg whites or egg yolks. Don't forget to save the recipes to your free myfoodbook ecookbooks, so you'll always have a few ideas up your sleeve.

Print off this cheat sheet about how to use up leftover egg whites and yolks, stick it to the inside of your pantry cupboard and never put an egg to waste again! 

These excellent tips are bought to you by our good friend Anna Phillips, who clearly knows how to make the most of an egg. Anna is a recipe developer as well as a food editor and stylist for a number of leading magazines. She also hosts food programs and even has her own cookbooks.

It’s also worth mentioning that you have to be careful how to store your eggs, especially if you’re using them raw. According to Australian Eggs, the best way to keep eggs fresh is to store them in their carton in the refrigerator as soon as possible after purchase. Click here to read more tips about storing your eggs, and get a handy print-out to keep on your pantry or fridge!

For more leftover egg white and yolk inspiration, here are more recipes for using up leftover whites and yolks.

What to make with leftover egg whites

Pink Marble Meringues

Get the recipe: Pink Marble Meringues

Basic meringues with a pop of colour, meringues are a classic and delicious treat to make with leftover egg whites!

Italian meringue

Get the recipe: Epic Raspberry Trifle with Meringue Top

Whip up an Italian meringue and use it to top other desserts like this epic trifle. Unlike the usual meringue, Italian meringue doesn't need to be baked makinig it a quicker option.

Chicken and Corn Soup

Get the recipe: Chicken and Corn Soup

If you're looking for a savoury way to use leftover egg whites, stirring them into simmering soup creates beautiful silky ribbons and is a great way to boost the protein.

What to make with leftover egg yolks

Basic Custard Recipe

Get the recipe: Basic Custard from Scratch

Make delicious custard using leftover egg yolks and enjoy on pies, crumbles, with fruit and more.

Vanilla Custard Profiteroles

Get the recipe: Vanilla Custard Profiteroles

These lovely custard puffs are wonderful for afternoon tea or dessert, make plenty and stack them high for a show-stopping platter.

Crushed Raspberry Semifreddo (Ice Cream Log)

Get the recipe: Crushed Raspberry Semifreddo (Ice Cream Log)

Egg yolks make this ice cream dessert rich and indulgent. Try adding your favourite fruits.

Get more ideas for using up egg whites and egg yolks below!

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