Unique watermelon recipes

Wondering what to do with watermelon and what food goes well with watermelon? These unique watermelon recipes are fresh, simple and delicious. Plus learn how to freeze watermelon and fun school holiday food to try now. 

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Unique watermelon recipes

"Watermelon. Watermelon. I love, you love, watermelon." It's the ultimate summer fruit. But our relationship with watermelon has now blossomed into something far more fruitful than a simple slice. If you're wondering what to do with watermelon beyond carving it into crisp triangles as a summer snack, try these unique watermelon recipes. They're great for school holiday food. Plus check out how to freeze watermelon with our step by step video. 

When is watermelon in season? 

Spring and summer are the peak times to buy and eat watermelon, although at a push you can probably find watermelon in green grocers during most of the year. 

How to cut watermelon 

  • Cut the whole watermelon into quarters.
  • Working with one quarter at a time, cut the melon into 2cm-wide slices.
  • Lay individual pieces of watermelon on their flat side.
  • Cut away the rind carefully by drawing the knife close to the white rind.
  • Chop melon into cubes and enjoy. 

What's the best way to store watermelon? 

Watermelon should be stored in the fridge. Once cut, wrap the cut sides tightly with plastic wrap. Alternatively you can store cut pieces of melon in an airtight container in the fridge. 

How to Make Frozen Watermelon Balls

If you're looking for a fun school holiday food treat that's actually healthy, then you have to try frozen watermelon balls. Pop them in sparkling or still water for a naturally refreshing drink. The best bit, you get to scoop out the watermelon once the drink has been drunk.​

GET THE RECIPE: Easy Watermelon Pizza

Here's another fun and easy way to serve up watermelon as a school holiday food treat. This is great for summer parties, or as a post barbecue dessert for the kids and adults alike.​

GET THE RECIPE: Easy Watermelon Salad with Feta and Mint

Nothing complements the sweet refreshment of watermelon better than salty savoury feta. This salad is a winner for easy summer entertaining.​

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