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20 Healthy Egg recipes for lunch

Healthy Egg recipes for lunch that will help make meal prep so much easier.  These healthy lunch ideas can be made ahead as part of any easy meal prep plan and by including eggs you'll be adding a layer of good protein to your lunch. 

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Vegetable Fritters with Poached Egg

Vegetable tart with mixed beet salad

Healthy Lentil and Feta Frittata

Quinoa, Spinach and Egg Bake

Chicken Scotch Eggs

Vegetable and Ham Slice

Chicken Caesar omelette waffles

Caesar Salad with Hot Smoked Salmon

Egg Buddha Bowls

Egg Muffins three ways

Egg and Chicken Salad Bowl

Egg, Tuna, and Chickpea Salad

Cheese and Broccoli Fingers

Zoodles and Egg Salad

Gado Gado Salad