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Want some fun and impressive baking ideas? These sweet cakes, pies and desserts are creative and enjoyable to make. Whether you want to entertain or just want a weekend baking project, these recipes are sure to elicit oohs and aahs.
Easy to prepare, then packed with all the softness of a long slow cook, these Australian slow cooker recipes are sure to please.  Learn how to slow cook with these easy recipes.
  Chicken and mushrooms are a match made in foodie heaven. Dinner with these two recipes is sure to be a hit, try creamy chicken and mushroom pasta, chicken and mushroom casserole, pies, risottos and more! Don't forget to save the ideas you love to your myfoodbook cookbooks that you can easily print and share.
  Mushrooms and cream is a classic flavour pairing that's so cosy and comforting. Get lots of creamy mushroom recipes like creamy chicken and mushroom pasta, mushroom soup, mushroom risotto and more.
Lemon is Australia's favourite flavoured cheesecake!  Lemon Cheesecake is a classic flavour as it mixes with cream cheese to create a light and creamy no-bake or baked cheesecake recipe for any celebration. 
This collection has some of the best cheesecake recipes featured that are wonderful for any occasion.  Choose from baked cheesecake, to lemon cheesecake and no-bake cheesecake ideas for your next celebration. 
Bananas are available year round in Australia, so keep these recipes on hand when you have leftover bananas to use up! Get recipes for classic banana bread, unique banana desserts, cakes and more. Save these recipes to your myfoodbook cookbooks and print and share them!
These easy meal ideas will keep your dinners budget-friendly, and they're super easy to make to boot. Save your favourites from this list of recipes to your own printable and shareable myfoodbook cookbooks, so you always have dinner ideas on hand.
Use up a tub of sour cream with these recipes! Get dinners, desserts, snacks and more made with sour cream. 
If you have extra cream in the fridge, use it up in one of these deliciously creamy dinner recipes! Find quiches, pastas, casseroles, pies and more to use up leftover cream in your next meal. Save the recipes you love to your personalised myfoodbook cookbooks that you can easily print and share.