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These quick noodle stir-fry recipes include chicken, beef, pork and vegetable ideas that are ideal for dinner any night of the week! Get the recipes and save them to your myfoodbook cookbooks which you can personalise and add your own recipes to.
These chicken and potato dinner ideas are easy ways to feed the family. Get creamy casseroles, French-style Coq au Vin, one pan bakes and more chicken and potato recipes! Don't forget to save them to your personalised myfoodbook cookbooks, where you can save any recipe and even add your own.
If you need some creative ways to use up carrots, check out these easy carrot recipes. From classic carrot cake and roasted carrots, to pickled carrots to fill your banh mi, there are plenty of desserts and dinners to make with lots of carrots!
 Check out over 30 ways to use up leftover thickened cream in dinners and desserts. Enjoy a creamy beef stroganoff, or a peanut butter and chocolate cheesecake. Save the recipes you love to your personalised myfoodbook cookbooks that you can easily print and share.
The whole fam will look forward to dinner when you add these savoury pie recipes to the list! In this collection are pies filled with meat, chicken, vegetarian fillings and more. Start collecting and creating cookbooks with these meat pie recipes on myfoodbook.
If you have lots of oats and you're wondering what to make with them (other than oatmeal!), these baking recipes with oats will make your day! From biscuits, to crumbles, slices or healthy oat bars, these recipes are great to have on hand. Save them to your myfoodbook cookbooks that you can easily print and share!
These old school recipes are just as flavour-packed as grandma's classic recipes, get Aussie dinners like apricot chicken, slow-roasted lamb shanks, curried sausages and more. Don't forget to save these to your myfoodbook cookbooks for whenever you need an easy dinner idea!
  Use up lots of blueberries with these sweet blueberry recipes! Get the recipes for these blueberry desserts, sauces and healthy smoothies.
These irresistible pastries are a perfect mix of delightful flavours, whether light and crispy or soft and creamy.  From tartlets to profiteroles these fruity, chocolatey and creamy bites are great for every occasion from simple summer barbecues to stylish dinner parties. Check out this collection of gorgeous pastry desserts for some entertaining inspiration. 
These dinners with lots of veggies make it easy to eat your daily serves of vegetables! If you like your meals veggie-forward, try the Sri Lankan Vegetable and Egg Curry, or if you them hidden give the Veggie Packed Meatloaf a try, or the speedy 20 Minute Penne Pasta. There are heaps of interesting recipes, save them to your myfoodbook cookbooks!