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In summer when berries are absolutely plentiful and all you want is a sweet treat thats also nutritious, look no further than these dessert, snack and smoothies ideas.

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Berry Apple & Cranberry Punch

Berry Soy-Cream Blend

No-bake blueberry and ricotta tart

Strawberries with Sour Cream and Spiced Hazelnut Sugar

Raspberry Cupcakes

Raspberry and Coconut Cake

Mixed Berries & Pear Cookie Crumbles

Vegan Berry Yoghurt

Mascarpone Stuffed Strawberries

Angel Food Cake with Tossed Berries

White Chocolate and Berry Cheese Cake

Frozen Strawberry and Chocolate Mousse

Raspberries and Cream Christmas Tarts

Vanilla Snow Pavlova

Blueberry, Walnut & Golden Syrup Pudding