Avocado and Feta Toasts

Avocado and Feta Toast breakfast recipe
Recipe by: The Dairy Kitchen
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Prep:  10 minutes
Serves:  2
Recreate a cafe favourite at home. This avocado and feta toast is ready in under 15 minutes. Enjoy with a coffee or your favourite smoothie for breakfast, brunch or lunch.

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Avocado and Feta Toasts
  1. Coarsely mash the avocado and lemon juice together
  2. Spread avocado on hot toast, top with tomato and sprinkle with feta and basil. Finely grate a small amount of lemon rind over the toasts and season with pepper
Tips & Hints:
  • Try omitting the lemon and basil and sprinkling the toast with other flavourings such as: - dukkah - toasted sesame seeds - lemon pepper seasoning - za'atar spice - a sprinkling of cumin.

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