Prep:  10 Mins
Cook:  10 Mins
Serves:  4
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Recipe by: Vitasoy
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Chicken, Basil and Pinenut Burgers
Chicken, basil and pinenut burgers
Chicken, basil and pinenut burgers
  1. Place gluten free bread in a shallow bowl and cover with Vitasoy Ricemilk Original. Allow to soak for 5 minutes. Drain away excess Vitasoy Ricemilk Original
  2. Combine chicken mince, garlic, basil leaves, beaten egg and season with pepper. Shape into eight balls and flatten into a patty
  3. Heat non-stick frypan or barbecue to medium-low heat. Cook for 3-5 minutes each side, or until cooked through
  4. To construct hamburger, place patty on open half of bun. Top with lettuce and tomato, and optional cheese. Place other half of bun on top and serve
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