Prep:  15 min + plus cooling time
Cook:  45-50 min
Serves:  12
Average: 4 (41 votes)
Recipe by: Devondale
This deliciously moist Date and Coconut cake is not only a classic recipe but it's quick and easy to make too! A slice of this date cake is an ideal accompaniment to an afternoon cup of tea or coffee.
Credit: Recipe: Angela Gasperini Photography: Whisk Media Group

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Date and Coconut Cake
  1. Preheat the oven to 180°C
  2. Place dates, butter, water, bicarbonate soda and sugar in a saucepan and bring to the boil, stirring, then simmer uncovered for 2 minutes, cover and cool to room temperature
  3. Add eggs, both flours and desiccated coconut, stirring into the mixture, then bake in a 22cm round, lined tin in a preheated moderate oven for 45-50 minutes
  4. Check to see if the top is browning too much around the 15-20 minute mark and cover with foil if necessary
  5. Test with a skewer and remove the cake remove the cake from the oven when the skewer comes out clean
  6. Cool for 5-10 minutes in the tin, then remove to a cooling rack
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Baking again
3 years 2 months ago
Sharing my review so that everyone tried this fantastic cake.
Thanks for the recipe
7 years 7 months ago
Made ttoday for a meeting with work team. Everyone loved it. Will make again. Thank you
Great Cake
7 years 7 months ago
Love this cake. Made it many times.