Prep:  10 minutes
Cook:  10 Mins
Serves:  6
Average: 3.4 (7 votes)
Recipe by: Australian Eggs
A serve of Egg, Smoked Salmon and Cucumber Double Decker Sandwiches is a good source of folate, and a source of fibre and iron.

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Egg, Smoked Salmon and Cucumber Double Decker Sandwiches
  1. Place eggs into a bowl, add mayonnaise and pepper and mash with a fork
  2. Place four slices of bread onto a clean surface
  3. Top with salmon, cucumber and onion
  4. Top with another slice of bread and spread over the egg mixture
  5. Finish with the remaining bread slices
  6. Cut into fingers and serve
Tips & Hints:
  • Hard-boiled eggs are easiest to peel right after cooling. Cooling causes the egg to contract slightly in the shell.
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