Prep:  15 Minutes
Cook:  50 Minutes
Makes:  20 brownies
Average: 3.8 (60 votes)
Recipe by: Creative Gourmet
This simply delicious chocolate brownie is laden with plump raspberries, it's best baked the day before serving so it's easy to cut.

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Indulgent Raspberry Chocolate Brownies
  1. Preheat oven to 170°C (not fan forced). Grease and line base and sides of a lamington/slice pan (16cm x 26cm base) with non-stick baking paper
  2. Chop 200g chocolate and place in a medium ovenproof bowl. Add butter. Microwave, uncovered, on high in 1 minute bursts, stirring with a metal spoon, for 2-3 minutes on until smooth and chocolate has melted.
  3. Set aside to cool slightly
  4. Sift flour and cocoa into a large bowl. Stir in sugar. Whisk in eggs, vanilla and cooled chocolate mixture. Fold through two-thirds of the frozen Raspberries
  5. Pour mixture into pan, top with remaining frozen Raspberries. Gently press
  6. Finely chop remaining 100g chocolate and sprinkle over Raspberries. Bake for 50 minutes or until set Cool completely in pan
  7. Once cold, transfer to an airtight container or cover with foil. Cut into slices and serve.
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Needs a longer cooking time.
7 years 8 months ago
These were delicious & so rich & satisfying but I found it needed an extra half an hour as it was still too soft & slightly runny through the middle after 50 minutes. I used frozen raspberries so maybe if fresh were used it may not have been so moist.