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Mixed Berries With Zabaglione

Mixed Berries With Zabaglione
Recipe by: Creative Gourmet
Average: 5 (2 votes)
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Prep:  10 Minutes
Cook:  5 Minutes
Serves:  4

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Mixed Berries With Zabaglione
  1. Place frozen fruits in a single layer onto a large plate or baking tray. Set aside to defrost
  2. Meanwhile, to make the zabaglione, place egg yolks and sugar in a medium heatproof bowl. Using electric hand beaters, beat until pale and thick
  3. Place bowl over a saucepan of simmering water and beat for 3-4 minutes until very thick and a ribbon trail forms when the whisk is lifted
  4. Gradually beat in Marsala. Remove from heat and beat for a further minute
  5. Divide Forest Fruits between serving glasses or dishes. Spoon over the warm zabaglione. Serve immediately
Tips & Hints:
  • When whisking the egg yolks over simmering water, make sure that the base of the bowl does not touch the water.

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Average: 5 (2 votes)