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Passionfruit Curd

How to make passionfruit curd recipe
Recipe by: Fairy
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Prep:  10 minutes
Cook:  10 minutes
Makes:  1.5 cups
Serves:  4
This tangy and sweet passionfruit curd dessert sauce is ideal for drizzling over cakes, ice cream and yoghurt, or simply spreading on a piece of toast.

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Passionfruit Curd
  1. Whisk yolks, sugar and cornflour in a medium saucepan until combined. Whisk in juice, passionfruit pulp and water
  2. Place over a medium heat, whisking constantly, until boiling and thickened. Remove from heat
  3. Whisk in Fairy margarine, until thick and glossy. Transfer to a bowl. Cover surface with plastic wrap. Refrigerate until cold
Tips & Hints:
  • You will need approx. 6 passionfruit for this recipe. Curd will last for up to one week in the fridge.
  • You can replace fresh passionfruit pulp with the same amount of canned passionfruit pulp, available in 170g cans at supermarkets. The canned pulp contains sugar, so if the resulting curd is too sweet, increase the lemon juice by 1-2 tsp or to taste. Extra pulp can be frozen in a ziplock bag for 3 months.

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