Prep:  10 minutes
Cook:  30 minutes
Serves:  2
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Recipe by: Breville
This Salmon Pasta recipe is made with the Breville One⁰ Precision Poacher™. The precision of the poacher makes getting a creamy and consistent Sous Vide texture for salmon, easy.

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Sous Vide Salmon with Pasta, Crispy Garlic and Lemon Sauce
  1. For best results, use the One⁰ Precision Poacher™
  2. Fill the pot of the Precision Poacher with water up to the SOUS VIDE fill line. Put the egg tray into the pot. Cover with the lid and insert probe through the vent. Press METHOD button to select SOUS VIDE. Press TEMPERATURE button to select 58°C. Press TIME button to select 20 minutes. Press START to preheat water
  3. While the water is preheating, place salmon into a vacuum bag each with 1 tablespoon of oil and black pepper. Vacuum seal the bags
  4. When preheat has finished, the unit will beep. Drop the bags into the water ensuring they are submerged. Cover with the lid and insert probe through the vent. Press START
  5. Meanwhile, for the sauce, combine creme fraiche and lemon zest. Season
  6. Cook pasta according to packet instruction until al dente. Drain pasta. Heat remaining olive oil in a frying pan and fry garlic until golden and crisp. Add capers and cooked pasta and toss to combine
  7. Serve salmon with pasta, sauce and caviar. Garnish with dill and extra lemon zest
Tips & Hints:
  • A vacuum sealer and vacuum bags are needed for this recipe.
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