Creative Easter basket ideas for kids

Make one of these easy Easter basket craft ideas and have fun an Easter egg hunt at home! Once you've made your unique Easter basket, make some of these yummy Easter treats to put inside.

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Easter basket craft ideas for kids

With little ones about, Easter becomes an even more magical time. The love that kids have for Easter is undeniable. But there’s one part in particular that they tend to look forward to…

Not the Friday night fish and chips, not the glorious Easter holidays, but the ever-anticipated visit by the Easter Bunny and ensuing Easter egg hunt. It’s an event that always has the kids bubbling with excitement - which admittedly bubbles over to us adults when it comes to setting up! 

So if there’s just one Easter craft you do with the kids this year, let it be crafting fun Easter baskets to hold Easter eggs and treats for their egg hunt at home. Then make one of the Easter treats below to add to your easy Easter basket. If you're new to cooking with kids, here are some easy tips for getting kids of all ages involved in the kitchen.

Easter basket ideas

We’ve scoured the creative talent of the internet to find these super cute (and easy) Easter basket ideas.

Credit: Studio DIY

These fringed Easter basket cups are adorable. Cut the top off up a clean milk bottle for a bigger version. Break out the holiday tinsel if you can't find any fringe garland.

Credit: Mer Mag Blog

All you have to do is assemble some cardboard and paint, then let the kids make and decorate!

Credit: Style Me Pretty

If you have some extra time, sew these sweet little bags that the kids can use beyond Easter.

Easter treats for Easter baskets

Make these sweet Easter treats and wrap them up to put in the kids' baskets.

GET THE RECIPE: Chocolate Crackle Bunnies

These cute crackle shapes are delicious treats, and kids have as much fun decorating them as they do eating them!

GET THE RECIPE: Triple Layered Easter Chocolate Crackle Slice

Each layer in this recipe is an opportunity for stirring, pouring and taste-testing, so everyone can have a turn.

More recipes for Easter Treats

For more fun Easter snacks to fill your baskets, check out the recipes below!

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