How to freeze chicken mince

You can freeze chicken mince for around 2 months which will maintain it's best quality. Try some of these easy chicken mince recipes for satisfying and healthy meals.

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Tips for freezing chicken mince

Chicken mince is an incredibly versatile and budget-friendly ingredient. It's easy and quick to cook and should be more of a weeknight dinner staple than it is. Much like beef mince, chicken mince is a delicious and readily available protein to add to your family meals. Chicken mince has a milder flavour and is also lower in fat than beef or lamb minces, which makes it a great choice. To help you get more out of chicken mince, here are the answers to some questions we're often asked.
Can I freeze cooked chicken mince?
  • Fresh chicken mince can be stored in your fridge for up to two days. 
  • You'll need to freeze mince if you're not planning on eating it within the days from purchase. Chicken mince purchased from the supermarket will have a use-by date on it so be sure to check.
  • Raw mince should be stored in the coldest part of your fridge, usually the bottom corner.
  • To freeze fresh chicken mince, remove it from the store packaging and place it in a freezer bag or zip lock bag, squeezing out excess air. Flatten the mince into a thinner layer, this will help it to freeze and defrost more quickly. Keep mince in the freezer for up to two months.
How to defrost chicken mince
There are a few ways to defrost chicken mince:
  1. In the fridge: Leave the chicken mince in its packaging, placing a plate or container underneath to catch any liquid. Allow plenty of time to completely defrost, depending on the quantity it may take a full day and night.
  2. With water: Only if your packaging is water-tight. Fully submerge your chicken mince in room temperature water, changing water every 30 minutes until defrosted. This is not as effective if your mince is frozen in packaging with large air pockets, such as supermarket trays.
  3. In the microwave: If you're short on time, this is the quickest way to defrost. Place chicken mince in a microwave safe bowl and use the defrost setting on your microwave.
Try these delicious chicken mince recipes
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