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How to make chocolate crackles

Learn how to make chocolate crackles for birthdays, school fetes and cake stalls. Get the recipe for classic chocolate crackles and fun variations on this childhood snack!

In partnership and featuring recipes from Copha.

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How to make chocolate crackles

There are few Australians that would not have some childhood memory of chocolate crackles. It has been a favourite at community fetes, cake stalls and children’s birthday parties for the best part of 80 years, and you're sure find it in anyone's vintage baking collection.

So, if you’ve been put in charge of preparing treats for one of these occasions, you’re probably wondering how to make chocolate crackles!

Learn how to make the classic choc crackles you know and love, as well as modern versions like Dark Cherry Chocolate Crackles made with Cherry Ripe, and adults-only Irish Cream and Caramel Crackles

Watch how to make choc crackles

Chocolate crackles are a simple 5 ingredient recipe, and each ingredient plays an important role. 

Simply stir together a combination of melted Copha, rice bubbles, icing sugar, desiccated coconut and cocoa powder, then spoon it into paper cases and refrigerate…simple!

See how easy making chocolate crackles is in this video.

Get the recipe: Chocolate Crackles

Discover more chocolate crackle recipes.


How do you make chocolate crackles crunchy

One of the most important factors of successful chocolate crackles is their crunch. This classic way of making chocolate crackles with Copha will always give you the best crunch. Other substitutions will give you a very different result in both taste and texture.

How does Copha create this result? Copha is easy to pour, mixing with the other ingredients evenly and coating each rice bubble grain individually. 

Copha holds the crackles together even at room temperature, so no matter when you eat your chocolate crackles they will have a satisfying bite instead of crumbling apart.

Copha also gives crackles that lovely sheen which makes it irresistible for children and adults alike.

Tip: To ensure that every mouthful is crunchy, allow the melted Copha to cool slightly before stirring through the rice bubble mixture. 

More crackle recipes

Upgrade your chocolate crackles with some colourful M&M's. Not only do they look great, kids love the extra step of decorating their own crackles.

Two Aussie favourites become one in this fun recipe! Decorated with Cherry Ripe and made with added dark chocolate, cherries and coconut, this treat is irresistible no matter your age.
This recipe is reserved for adults! Creamy and full of rich caramel flavour, these crackles are a must-try. To make them for kids, simply omit the liqueur.

*DISCLAIMER: Copha is a contributing recipe Partner at This article features content sourced from Copha and our own opinions. For more information visit the Copha website.

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