Is Christmas ham already cooked?

Can you eat Christmas ham straight out of the packaging? Find out here and get a recipe for a beautiful baked Christmas ham using ham from the store.

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Is Christmas ham already cooked?

Yes, ham is already cooked and can be eaten as-is. Hams from Australian butchers and supermarkets are cured and sometimes smoked. Both these processes will preserve the ham and make it ready-to-eat - but baking your ham again at home can make it even more appealing.

Why you should cook your ham again for Christmas

For a truly festive leg of ham with Christmas flavours, glazing and baking it makes all the difference, and it's so easy! It gives the ham a deliciously sticky and shiny coating, warms it up, and makes it look fantastic for your lunch or dinner spread.

Get the recipe for a Christmas Baked Ham with Fruit Chutney Glaze and get the guide for How to Prepare a Christmas Ham.

Is Christmas ham served hot or cold?

Christmas ham can be served either hot or cold, depending on your preference. You can pre-glaze and bake your ham, then wrap it in baking paper and foil and chill it before serving. Or, bake it fresh on the day to serve it warm.