Make Coq au Vin at home in four easy steps

The classic Coq au Vin or chicken in wine is traditionally complex to prepare, but the team at Western Star have created an easy version with only four steps. It’s your time to shine in the kitchen, make the famous Coq au Vin recipe at home this winter.

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The origin of Coq au Vin

Classic Coq au Vin, or chicken in wine, is a traditional French stew where chicken is braised with Burgundy pinot noir wine, lardons (salted fatty pork), mushrooms and pearl onions. You’re left with a beautifully tender chicken in a rich, flavourful sauce. It was originally a rustic French dish, then the recipe was popularised by the well-known chef Julia Child.

Today, Coq au Vin is famously loved around the world. It features on many fine dining menus, and it is chosen time and time again by chefs and home cooks alike to showcase their skills. 

The recipe is traditionally complex and time consuming to prepare, but the team at Western Star have created this recipe with only four steps.


How to make Coq au Vin at home

Get the recipe: Coq au Vin

This simple version has fewer steps and takes less time than traditional Coq au Vin recipes, but achieves the great flavour using cultured butter that makes it so special.

What does Coq au Vin taste like?

The sauce has a rich savoury taste with a velvety texture thanks to the addition of butter. It has many layers of flavour, a rounded tang from the simmered wine, sweetness from the onions and shallots, savouriness from the bacon and mushrooms all mingling with the brightness of fresh herbs. The chicken itself is fork tender and juicy, marrying with the flavours of the sauce.

What is Coq au Vin traditionally served with?

Buttery mashed potatoes and warm seasonal vegetables are traditionally served however it also pairs well with simple, starchy sides that can soak up the sauce. Thick slices of bread with butter, roasted potatoes and other starches are also popular choices.

Coq au Vin side recipes

See below recipes for great sides to serve with your homemade Coq au Vin.

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