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Slow cooker beef stew recipes

Ready to switch on the slow cooker and create a satisfying slow cooker beef stew recipe to remember? Get cooking with the following recipes…

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Slow cooker beef stew: your answer to catering to large groups

Cooking for large groups (or a large family each day) can easily become a mammoth task when it comes to shopping, prepping and cooking. But, this needn't be the case. Whether you have a dinner party, Sunday lunch or large family meal on the cards, pop on the slow cooker and create a large warming batch of slow cooker beef stew.

Things to love about slow cooker beef stew

  • A slow cooker beef stew can be as simple or packed-full of nourishing ingredients as you like. The flavour combinations are up to you

  • If you prefer a slow cooker beef stew filled with vegetables and herbs, there are a large number of delicious slow cooker beef stew recipes on myfoodbook to try out

  • And, if you'd rather a simple beef stew slow cooker feast, simply pair your slow cooker stew with some crispy bread and watch hungry eyes light up as this family favourite hits the table.


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