The best cuts of lamb for slow cooking

There are some cuts of meat that are much better suited to slow cooking than others! When it comes to lamb, choosing which cut to use in your slow cooker can be the difference between a succulent meal or a disappointing dinner. Find out more about which cuts of lamb are best for slow cooking.

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What cut of lamb is best for slow cooking?

Cuts of lamb that are popular for slow cooking include the shoulder, leg, forequarter, shanks, neck chops, lamb ribs, and some sausages.
These cuts are usually tougher because they have lots of connective tissue and fats, but this makes them perfect for slow and low methods of cooking. These tough spots will melt away, leaving you with deliciously soft and juicy meat with unctuous sauce.

Can you slow cook a leg of lamb?

Yes, you can slow cook a leg of lamb. It's not as fatty as a lamb shoulder, so to keep it moist and juicy follow these tips:
  • Fill your slow cooker to at least half full with meat, vegetables and stock or sauce.
  • Ensure the food doesn’t boil, it should only simmer gently. Boiling meat for more than 2 hours will make the meat stringy and tasteless.
  • Check your slow cooker lid has a good seal. This will ensure that steam is trapped inside, keeping everything moist.

Is lamb leg or shoulder better for slow cooking?

Both cuts are fantastic for slow cooking, but there are a few differences. Lamb shoulder is usually larger and has more connective tissue, so it needs to be cooked for longer than the leg before it becomes tender.

Lamb leg is smaller and has less fat and connective tissue, so it cooks faster but it can be drier if it’s overcooked or not cooked in enough liquid. Lamb leg is also more versatile, if you run out of time to slow cook it, it can also be roasted at a higher temperature.

Slow cooked lamb recipes

Check out the lamb recipes below for slow cooking inspiration. You can save these recipes to your free personalised myfoodbook cookbooks. Log in to start saving, or sign up if you don't have an account. Save recipes from your favourite brands and upload your own!

Get the recipe: Korma Marinated Lamb Shoulder with Spinach Lentils

Another fantastic advantage to cooking a whole lamb shoulder is that there's usually plenty leftover to enjoy in sandwiches for lunch.

Get the recipe: Sri Lankan Lamb Shank Curry

Shanks are one of the most popular cuts for slow cooking. Enjoy them with this flavourful Sri Lankan curry and tender eggplant.

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