The health benefits of eating apricots


Discover the health benefits of eating apricots and get heaps of great apricot ideas and recipes to make with them!

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Reasons to eat more apricots

The apricot is one amazing fruit. This small yellow-orange fruit with a thin skin and juicy flesh is both sweet and tart, and when it comes to its nutritional benefits it really packs a punch. Don’t let its small size fool you! Discover some of the many reasons to eat more apricots.

5 health benefits of eating apricots

  1. Just 100 grams of apricot will give you 12% of vitamins A and C and 6% of potassium that you need daily.
  2. Apricots are great for digestive health. They’re full of fibre that helps break down fatty acids and enhance digestion.
  3. With their high levels of vitamin A and E, apricots can help improve both skin and hair health.
  4. Apricots have considerable amounts of minerals needed for healthy bones, such as calcium, manganese, phosphorus, copper and iron.
  5. Apricots can help boost immunity. Full of antioxidants such as vitamin C, apricots may help to build a strong immune system and reduce the impact of summer colds.

Now you can see how powerful these little fruits can be, it’s time to get cooking.


Apricot recipes

Apricots make for a wonderful addition to both sweet and savoury dishes. Apricot chicken is a classic and nostalgic recipe that is back on trend, and sticky apricot chicken wings are a delight for entertaining during summer.
Other classic uses for apricots include putting them in desserts, jams and baked goods. 
Try slicing them to add to savoury salads or blending them up in smoothies or sauces.
Check out the videos and recipes below for amazing apricot ideas!

Get the recipe: Classic Apricot Chicken

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