Prep:  15 Mins
Cook:  10 Mins
Serves:  4
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Recipe by: Australian Eggs
A classic Aussie burger isn't complete without an egg, this easy Australian lamb burger recipe is great for family dinners or BBQs.

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Aussie Lamb Burger with Poached Egg and Tomato Chutney
  1. Place lamb mince into a bowl add egg, mint, onion and crumbs, mix well
  2. Divide mixture into four equal amounts and form into patties
  3. Grill gently on a BBQ or pan fry until cooked
  4. Split rolls in half, top bottoms of rolls with equal amounts of lettuce, then patties, poached eggs, tomato chutney and finish by adding the top of bun
Tips & Hints:
  • Add sliced low-fat cheese for extra flavour
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