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Chicken Laksa

Chicken Laksa
Recipe by: KitchenAid
Average: 3.6 (19 votes)
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Prep:  15 mins
Cook:  30 mins
Serves:  4
This recipe uses the KitchenAid Cook Processor - an all in one appliance that can boil, fry, steam, stew, knead, chop, mince, puree, mix and stir, all at the touch of a button.

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Chicken Laksa
  1. For best results, use the Cook Processor by KitchenAid
  2. Insert the 'StirAssist' into the bowl. Add the chicken, oil, laksa paste and chicken stock to the bowl. Close the lid but remove the measuring cup. Select BOIL P1 and press Start. Step 1 shows on the display. Press Start to confirm
  3. Add the coconut milk and press 'QuickStir' for 10 seconds to combine. Remove the lid and 'StirAssist'
  4. Place the lower Steam Basket on the bowl. Add the pumpkin and seal with the Domed Steamer Lid. Set the temperature to 110°C and the timer to 5 minutes. Press Start. The pumpkin should be nearly tender
  5. Add beans and noodles to the Steamer Basket and seal with the Domed Steamer Lid. Set the temperature to 110°C and the timer to 3 minutes. Press Start. The beans and pumpkin should be tender and the noodles hot
  6. Divide pumpkin, beans and noodles between 4 large bowls. Ladle over the laksa from the bowl. Garnish with mint, coriander, sprouts and red chilli
Tips & Hints:
  • We used 'shelf-fresh' udon noodles in this recipe. You can also use fresh rice noodles or any cooked noodle.

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Average: 3.6 (19 votes)