Prep:  20 minutes
Cook:  3 hours, 15 minutes
Serves:  4-6
Average: 4.6 (49 votes)
Recipe by: Passage to Asia
This healthy noodle salad recipe is full of flavourful hoisin chicken and fresh, crunchy vegetables. It's ideal for lunch or dinner!
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Slow Cooker Hoisin and Garlic Chicken Noodle Salad
  1. Place chicken, Hoisin & Garlic Stir-fry Sauce and ⅓ cup water into the base of a slow cooker. Cover and cook for 3 hours on HIGH. Transfer chicken to a plate and cool slightly. Pour sauce into a saucepan and simmer for 5 minutes or until reduced by half
  2. Using two forks, shred chicken and spoon over 2 tbsp of the reduced pan sauce. Toss to coat. Refrigerate until required
  3. Follow packet instructions to cook soba noodles. Drain and refresh in cold water. Drain well and place in a salad bowl. Pour over some of the pan sauce and toss to coat
  4. Cook edamame according to packet instructions. Drain and add to noodles.
  5. Add cabbage, carrot, cucumber, radish, most of the green onion and cooled pulled chicken. Toss to mix well
  6. Spoon over reserved pan sauce and squeeze over lime juice. Garnish with coriander and remaining green onion.
Tips & Hints:
  • Chicken can be made in advance. Refrigerate in a sealed container for 2 days. Alternatively, freeze for up to 2 months
  • Use any in season vegetables, such as cherry tomatoes, red onion, bean sprouts or green beans
  • For individual noodle bowls: divide noodles, chicken and vegetables amongst four large bowls. Garnish and serve. Use 270g packet soba noodles for 4 bowls
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