10 ways to use Western Star Spreadable

Western Star Spreadable doesn't stop at sandwiches - there are so many ways to use it in baking, dinners, lunches and more. Try these recipes to get started.

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10 ways to use Western Star Spreadable Butter

There’s something for everyone in these 10 delicious ways to use Western Star Spreadable Butter. From dinner to dessert, barbecues to baking, there are so many ways to use it - as well as spreading on your morning toast, of course.

Dinner with Spreadable

One pot roast chicken

Get the recipe: Creamy One Pot Roast Chicken

Cover a roast chicken with spreadable butter and herbs for a golden chook that makes a standout meal. All done in one pot - so easy to cook, so easy to clean!



Herb-crusted pork cutlets

Get the recipe: Herb Crusted Pork Cutlets with Veggie Medley

These crispy crumbed pork chops match deliciously with butter and garlic roast vegetables.



The Cobanoff

Get the recipe: Beef Stroganoff In Garlic Cob Loaf "The Cobanoff"

Make dinner more fun with beef stroganoff in a garlic bread cob.



Loaded sweet potatoes

Get the recipe: Loaded Sweet Potatoes with Bacon and Cheese

These cheesy potato skins can cover so many occasions. Enjoy for dinner, footy finals or serve with BBQ meats.


Vegetarian Recipes with Western Star Spreadable

Mushroom ragu

Get the recipe: Mushroom Ragu with Creamy Polenta

This vegetarian meal is so saucy and warming. Flavour-packed mushroom ragu on top of creamy, cheesy ragu is straight from comfort food central.



Whole baked cauliflower

Get the recipe: Whole Baked Cauliflower with Sage and Onion Crust

A crunchy, buttery crust takes your cauliflower to a whole other level. 


Barbecuing with Spreadable

BBQ prawns

Get the recipe: Quick BBQ Prawns with Garlic and Chilli

Don't stop at prawns, this spreadable butter mixed with herbs and spices can be brushed over any seafood, BBQ meats and vegetables. Personalise it by experimenting with your favourite herbs and spices.



Sweets with Spreadable

Buttermilk scones

Get the recipe: Buttermilk and Vanilla Bean Scones

Turn Western Star Spreadable into deliciously light and fluffy scones flecked with vanilla beans. Once you've baked these, the only question is should you top it with cream or jam first?


Bread and butter pudding

Get the recipe: Choc-orange Bread and Butter Pudding

No need to wait for your butter to soften, use spreadable to make this bread and butter pudding with the flavours of choc-orange.



Dessert jaffles

Get the recipe: Traditional Hot Apple Pie Jaffles

For those nights when you want a quick and easy sweet treat, pull out the jaffle maker and the spreadable butter. Hot apple pie filling with buttery crisp outsides, these are extra lovely with cream on the side.



Sultana scones

Get the recipe: Sultana and Cinnamon Scones

Try something different with these fruity, lightly spiced scones (psst, hot cross bun lovers, this will be right up your alley).



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