Cooking Mexican food proves a winner for Aussies

Mexican food is booming in popularity now, and it’s not hard to see why! Find out what Aussies love about Mexican food and get inspired to create your own mouthwatering Mexican dishes at home. 

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Why Aussies love cooking Mexican food

Aussies sure love Mexican recipes! We asked you what your favourite Mexican recipes are and how often you cook them, and the results are in.
We surveyed more than 350 myfoodbook customers to find out how Aussies feel about Mexican cooking, and you had a lot to say about the benefits of cooking Mexican food.
1. It’s EASY
The fact that Mexican food is easy to cook is a clear winner. When asked to list the benefits of cooking Mexican food, over half of our respondents listed ‘easy’ as the answer. 
2. It’s FRESH
Many Aussies love that Mexican food uses fresh ingredients, with a third of survey respondents pointing out that they love enjoying fresh ingredients in their Mexican food.
3. It’s QUICK
Almost a third of people said they like cooking Mexican food because it’s quick, and a quarter agreed that cooking Mexican food is better than takeaway.
4. Kids LOVE it!
Of course parents amongst the survey respondents are a fan of Mexican food because kids eat it, which got 17% of the votes.
That’s a lot of great benefits to cooking Mexican food!
On top of this, more than one third of respondents told us they’re cooking Mexican meals once a week or more. You know once something makes it into the weekly rotation it’s a total winner. Plus, a further 16% of Aussies are enjoying cooking Mexican food once a month and an additional 40% enjoy Mexican occasionally.
Most loved Mexican recipes
To investigate further, we asked our 130-thousand strong community on Facebook about their favourite Mexican recipes, and the comments were so enthusiastic, we were tempted to rip open a bag of tortillas and start baking right away!
  • Cathy: “We often have tacos (easy and quick midweek meal) but our favourite Mexican comfort food is nachos… with cheese guacamole and sour cream...mmm”
  • Cal: “Burritos with all the works and black rice are just simply delicious”
  • Tanya: “Margaritas, you didn’t specify it had to be food” (Lol, you are right Tanya)
  • Gary: “Quesadilla - every time - if I lived in Mexico I’d be the size of a house”
  • Heather: “Chicken fajitas. Mmmmm.”
  • Julie: “I adore chili con queso.”
  • Rick: “Mole poblano. But if I’m cooking: tacos”
This is just a sample of the responses, and people are clearly inspired by a variety of favourites. Nachos and tacos were the most popular, but when it comes to Mexican food, the diversity is definitely appealing. There's something for everyone.
For families, kids love a treat like nachos or burritos, and parents can easily sneak in healthy ingredients like beans, mushrooms and veggies. For entertaining, Mexican provides great party food like tacos or empanadas. And for serious chefs, there are more exotic dishes that give cooks the chance to experiment with sophisticated flavours and textures. Plus, Mexican is great for plant-based eaters, with plenty of vegan and vegetarian varieties.
Say hello to the cheese that is changing the Mexican cooking game
To help make cooking Mexican food even easier, Perfect Italiano has released a brand new Mexican style blend of cheeses. The blend is a delicious combination of flavours and it melts perfectly over your favourite Mexican recipes.
Featuring a blend of mozzarella, red cheddar and colby, this cheese is oozy, it’s flavoursome and it’s ideal for all sorts of Mexican meals like nachos, enchiladas, burritos, tacos and more. The pre-grated cheese is a time-saver for any chef, and the convenient zip lock pack seals in freshness. 
Give some of these tantalising Mexican recipes a try
Crispy chicken empanadas
These crispy, cheesy little parcels might not necessarily be the first thing that you think about when it comes to Mexican food, but one taste and you won't forget them! Fantastic as a lunchbox filler, light meal or finger food for entertaining.
Play Video: Mexican Chicken Empanadas
Tantalising tacos
You have to see the melty cheese on these tacos, one look and you'll be whipping out the taco shells to get these on the table, trust us.
Play Video: Mexican Chicken Tacos
Next level nachos
These nachos are an ultra easy, one-pan bake that will feed the whole family. It's an ultimate low-fuss, big flavour meal.
Play Video: Family Nachos Tray Bake
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