Cooking with turkey: Tips and techniques


Turkey is a delicious protein to have with mid-week meals once you know how to cook it properly. Get the tips and techniques for perfectly cooked turkey, as well as turkey recipes.

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It’s time to get cooking with turkey

Let’s get one thing straight – you do not need to wait until Christmas to enjoy turkey!

Although a whole Turkey is a must-have on most families' Christmas tables, by using quicker-to-cook cuts such as breast slices, mince or even pre-prepared rissoles, this nutritious protein can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Touted as nature’s super meat, Turkey is protein-packed and rich in vitamins. It's the perfect protein to add to any meal, especially for those who are looking to beat those hunger pangs with a healthy and filling meal or snack. Turkey is also an extremely versatile poultry to cook with. Its mild flavour lends itself to just about any flavour profile. You can try it in your bolognese sauce and meatballs or blended with fresh and vibrant Asian flavours to make a quick and protein-filled stir-fry.

Have a look at this clever page from our Balanced Everyday Foodbook for some tremendous tips for cooking, storing and getting the most out of Turkey in your meals.

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Now you know all things turkey, it’s time to get cooking! Try these super hearty and nourishing turkey recipes.


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