Healthy family favourites

These healthy family meal ideas are healthier versions of family favourites including Aussie classics like chicken parmigiana, burgers, tacos and more.

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Healthy Family Meal Ideas

Every family has their go-to recipes that are budget-friendly, easy and tasty, but sometimes those meals aren't as healthy as they could be.

These healthy recipes will change that! From burgers to tacos, chicken parmi to meatloaf, try these Australian classics that have been given a healthy boost.

1. Ragu

GET THE RECIPE: Slow Cooked Lamb Ragu with Pappardelle

Slow-cooked, melt-in-your-mouth ragu. One serve of this recipe contains over half of your recommended daily protein needs.

To make this recipe even healthier, you can serve it with high-fibre pasta, zoodles or brown rice.



2. Tacos

GET THE RECIPE: Spiced Cauliflower Tacos

What would Tuesdays be without tacos... these hearty baked cauliflower tacos are spiced up with paprika, cumin and chilli powder.

A fantastic vegetarian/vegan family meal!



3. Chicken Parmigiana

GET THE RECIPE: Low-carb Chicken Parmigiana

The chicken parmi is a firm Aussie classic, and this version of the family favourite is low in carbs and high in protein.

This recipe is also a 30 minute one-pan wonder.



4. Jacket potatoes

Swap out baked white potatoes for flavour-packed sweet potatoes stuffed with wholesome ingredients.

Filled with spinach, spiced chickpeas, zingy dressing and topped with delicious and healthy gravy, you'll be blown away by how yummy these are.

GET THE RECIPE: Baked Sweet Potatoes with Spinach, Chickpeas and Currants



5. Meatloaf

GET THE RECIPE: Veggie Packed BBQ Meatloaf

Hearty meatloaf made healthy. Easy to whip up, this family favourite has had a veggie-packed makeover to bring its health factor up.

One serve of this meatloaf already contains one serve of veg! Eat it with steamed seasonal veggies or a side salad for a balanced meal.



6. Teriyaki Chicken

GET THE RECIPE: Braised Japanese Chicken with Edamame

Teriyaki chicken is a go-to dish when it comes to Japanese takeaways. This healthier version has less sugar and is high in protein.





7. Nachos

GET THE RECIPE: Butter Masala Chicken Nachos

Digging into a plate of crispy corn chips and yummy toppings is always a winning dinner.

This healthy nacho recipe is a fusion of Indian and Mexican, bringing spice-laden butter masala sauce to a big plate of chicken nachos - two family favourites in one!

One serve of this contains over one-third of your daily dietary fibre needs.



8. Burgers

There's nothing quite like a burger from the grill, and with this recipe, you can enjoy this family favourite in low-carb style.

This recipe uses a mushroom bun to add delicious flavour and reduce the carbs, and each burger contains a whopping three servings of veggies.

GET THE RECIPE: Grilled Smoky Beef Burger on a Mushroom Bun



9. Bolognese

GET THE RECIPE: Healthy Beef and Lentil Bolognese

Pasta with Bolognese is one of the ultimate veggie smugglers. Enjoy this version with protein-packed lentils.



10. Fried rice

This quick nasi goreng (AKA fried rice) lives up to its name. It only takes 20 minutes, and each serve is packed with three serves of yummy veggies. 

Fried up with healthy sweet chilli sauce and topped with a golden egg, everyone will be happy.

GET THE RECIPE: Quick Nasi Goreng



There are 10 great recipes to feed the family! If you want more healthy recipes, click here to discover more dinner ideas by Celebrate Health.


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