How to freeze Bolognese sauce

Bolognese is one of the best make-ahead recipes. Batch cook delicious mince Bolognese or vegetarian Bolognese, then freeze it using these tips for freezing Bolognese sauce. Once you know how to freeze Bolognese sauce, you'll always have the base for a tasty meal ready to go.

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Tips for freezing Bolognese sauce

Beef mince Bolognese and vegetarian Bolognese both freeze very well, so it’s a fantastic make-ahead base for a meal. Having Bolognese sauce on hand is a great time-saver because it can be turned into an easy meal in just a few minutes! Make a big batch of this delicious and versatile Basic Bolognese Sauce, then follow these tips to freeze it. 

How to freeze Bolognese sauce

  • Prepare containers – Consider how you will use the Bolognese and how large the portions should be. For example, you will need different portions for family meals compared to individual lunches. Prepare freezer-safe containers of the right size. Freezer-friendly zip-lock bags are great space-savers as they can be packed flat. Reusable zip-lock bags are more sustainable.
  • Cook – choose your Bolognese sauce and cook according to the recipe.
  • Cool – Let the sauce cool before putting it in the freezer to avoid heating up any other frozen foods. The Bolognese can be left to cool on the counter for up to two hours.
  • Portion and pack – Put the portions of sauce into your prepared freezer-safe containers. If using zip-lock bags, ensure you squeeze out any bubbles.
  • Freeze – How long can you freeze Bolognese? Bolognese freezes well for up to three months. Label and date your batches so you know when to use them.

Now you have a freezer full of wonderful Bolognese sauce. When you want to use a portion, simply defrost it in the fridge overnight then add your favourite pasta, or make a delicious meal using one of the recipes below or in our collection of Best Bolognese Recipes!

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