20 leftover Bolognese recipes

Taking the time to make extra bolognese sauce is worth the effort. Easy to freeze and one of Australia's favourite dinner recipes, traditional meat bolognese sauce is incredibly versatile. While most commonly served with pasta, you can use leftover bolognese in so many other ways. See what you can do with leftover bolognese in this easy recipe collection.  

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What to do with leftover Bolognese sauce

We always recommend making a big batch of bolognese sauce. It's easy to freeze, and you can make so many dinner recipes to use up leftover sauce. It makes weeknight cooking easy for families.

Below are 20 great recipes to use up leftover bolognese sauce. A few highlights include: 

  1. Basic Bolognese Sauce:  If you haven't mastered your own sauce yet, this basic bolognese is a great recipe to try. It will last in the fridge in an airtight container for up to three days, or you can divide the leftovers into 3 or 4 cup portions and freeze in airtight containers for up to 3 months.
  2. Bolognese Jaffles with Cheese:  Kids love bolognese and jaffles so add a slice of cheese and you've created a winning lunch or dinner combination.
  3. Leftover Spaghetti Bolognese Bake:  For those rare times when there's leftover spaghetti bolognese, take the cold leftovers and turn them into a cake. An easy idea using a springform cake tin. Serve with a fresh salad on the side to change things up and create a balanced meal
  4. Bolognese Filled Capsicums: Stuffed capsicums with bolognese and extra veggies is a great way to help the kids eat more vegetables.
  5. Pie Maker Mini Bolognese Pies: With pie makers so popuar at the moment, it's never been easier to make your own homemade beef mince pies. Great for grand final football parties or kids parties. You can easily make these pies using a Texas muffin tin which is larger than the cupcake muffin tray.
  6. Make a Mexican Lasagne: With the addition of a few Mexican ingredients such as black beans and corn you can easily take your tastebuds from Italy to Mexico. Use tortillas instead of lasagne sheets in this recipe too. 
  7. Sloppy Joes: Made popular in the US, Sloppy Joes are essentially mince sauce on a bun, so using bolognese sauce to make a Sloppy Joe makes sense.  Add some freshness to this recipe by adding cheese, avocado and crispy shredded iceburg lettuce.

8. Bolognese Pasta Bake

GET THE RECIPE: Bolognese Pasta Bake

This Bolognese Pasta Bake is a favourite way to use up leftover bolognese. Add tablespoon of butter, a spoonful of sauce and some cheese to coat the pasta. Then add the remaining sauce and top with more Perfect Bakes cheese before baking.  

9. Cheat's Frypan Lasagne

GET THE RECIPE: Cheat's Frypan Lasagne

If you have some bolognese on hand, you can whip up this 'Cheat's' lasagne in no time at all.  

10. Lasagne with Ricotta Cheese

GET THE RECIPE: Lasagne with Ricotta Cheese

You can also make a lighter, healthier Bolognese Sauce such as the one featured in this recipe using lentils and grated vegetables. The ricotta cheese sauce in this lasagne is rich in protein and lower in fat that traditional bechamel sauce. 

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