How to reduce food waste this Christmas

Christmas is all about celebrating with big family feasts, and often you end up with Christmas leftovers that last for days after. If you've gone a little over the top with food, here's how to reduce food waste by using your leftovers in tasty new recipes.

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How to reduce food waste this Christmas

After the last Christmas cracker has been pulled and the guests have all gone home, you're bound to have a few leftovers in the fridge, even after giving all the guests takeaway bags filled with their favourite bits. Here's how to use those leftovers in tasty recipes that will reduce your food waste.

How to use your leftover Christmas roast

There's no need to eat your leftover pork, chicken, lamb or ham cold from the fridge with these tasty ideas (though no judgement if you do):

How to use stale bread

Breathe new life into leftover bread from sides or stuffing with these quick tips:

  • Tear bread into small pieces and toss it into a bowl with melted butter and crushed garlic until the bread is coated in the butter mixture. Bake at 180°C until crisp and golden.
  • Blitz leftover bread in a food processor or blender to turn into bread crumbs. Place in a ziplock bag and freeze for up to 6 months, and use in these Meatball Recipes or add to meatloaf.

How to use leftover vegetables

Leftover roast veggies make a mean toasted sandwich when paired with leftover meat, or try refreshing them in these ideas:

Leftover desserts

If you or your kids haven't already snaffled up any leftover Christmas cake, mince pies or pavlova, here's how you can turn them into a freezer-friendly treats:

  • Defrost a tub of vanilla ice-cream until softened slightly, meanwhile chop up or crumble your leftover desserts. Stir through your crumbled dessert. Refreeze and serve with crushed candy canes on top. 
  • To use leftover custard, cut up leftover fruits and place into popsicle molds. Pour over leftover custard and freeze into fruity custard pops.
  • Turn Christmas cake into Christmas Pudding Truffles, which are easy to snack on for afternoon tea with a cuppa.

GET THE RECIPE: Crispy Rolled Pork with Easy Herb Stuffing

If you don't want to enjoy your leftover roast pork in a sandwich, try adding them to salads or fried rice instead.

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