How to make a smoothie + healthy recipes


Making a smoothie is easy, but there are a few tips and tricks that can ensure your smoothie comes out perfectly every time! Learn how to make healthy smoothies with fruits and veggies, plus get healthy smoothie recipes.

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How to make a great smoothie and healthy smoothie recipes

Smoothies are an easy and healthy breakfast idea that makes a great brekky on-the-go. Thick, cold and full of wholesome fruits and veg, a well-made smoothie is a warm-weather essential for many (especially after a good workout!).
Plus, during spring and summer there's the bonus abundance of in season fruits and veggies, meaning your flavour choices are endless. Fresh and juicy berries, mangoes, peaches, pineapples and more are on the table, just to name a few.
So, how do you make a great smoothie? It can be as easy as gathering your favourite ingredients and tossing them in the blender, but if you've ever ended up with a jugful of smoothie that's...not very good (it happens to the best of us) this basic guide and recipes will ensure your smoothies are always perfectly delicious!

How to make a smoothie

Liquids: Add your liquids first. Keeping the liquids on the bottom allows the blender to create a vortex to easily pulling down the greens, fruit and veggies that are layered above.
Powders and sweeteners: Add any powders immediately after liquid. If they are added to the blender last, they might not completely dissolve. Sweeteners like honey or syrups may get stuck to the blender sides, to avoid this mix them in 1 tbsp of hot water before adding to the blender.
Greens: Next, throw in any leafy greens. Remember to remove any thick stems.
Soft ingredients: From here on, add ingredients to the blender based on firmness. Start with soft ingredients, such as yoghurts and nut butters.
Fresh fruit, nuts and seeds: To help the fruit blend more evenly, cut them into chunks. Larger nuts and seeds can be cut up too, or soaked overnight if you prefer your smoothies really smooth.
Frozen and hard ingredients: Finally, top off the blender with hard ingredients, like frozen fruit and ice. The weight of them will help to push the other ingredients toward the base.
That's it! Turn that blender on and smoothie away. Check out the recipes below for more smoothie ideas.
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Smoothie recipes

Get the recipe: Peach and Coconut Smoothie

This refreshing summer fruit smoothie also happens to be vegan, enjoy it for breakfast or as a healthy snack.

Get the recipe: Three Avocado Smoothies

Avocados make smoothies ultra creamy, thick and luxurious without needing to add cream or ice cream. Give it a try and you'll be converted!

Get the recipe: Trio of Pear Smoothies

The delicate flavour of pears makes a great base for a smoothie. Try three flavours: green, choc and strawberry.

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