Prep:  20 minutes
Cook:  20 minutes
Serves:  4
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Recipe by: Cobs
This delicious avocado fries and dipping sauce recipe is the ultimate party finger food idea for your guests to enjoy

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Avocado Fries and Dipping Sauce
  1. Combine mayonnaise, wasabi and lemon juice in a bowl. Season with salt and pepper
  2. Peel and cut avocados into wedges
  3. Place flour in a bowl, season with chilli salt and pepper
  4. Place Cobs Naked Corn Chips in a snap lock bag, seal, crush well with a rolling pin or pulse in a food processor
  5. Dip avocado wedges into flour to coat, shake off excess. Dip into beaten egg, then coat in crushed corn chips
  6. Add enough vegetable oil to a wok or saucepan to reach a depth of 5cm. Heat to 180°C, over medium-high heat. (Oil is ready when a cube of bread turns golden in 15 seconds)
  7. Fry avocado wedges in batches for 30-60 seconds until golden brown
  8. With a slotted spoon, carefully remove wedges. Place on a plate lined with paper towel. Season with salt. Serve with dipping sauce
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