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Macadamia Yoghurt Cake

Macadamia yogurt cake
Recipe by: KitchenAid
Average: 4 (2 votes)
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Prep:  20 Minutes
Cook:  30 Minutes
Serves:  8
Gluten free and delicious, a cake with a sensational texture. Serve with your favourite summer fruits and thick vanilla yoghurt. This recipe uses the KitchenAid Platinum Stand Mixer KSM156

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Macadamia Yoghurt Cake
  1. For best results use the KitchenAid Platinum Stand Mixer KSM156
  2. Preheat oven to 180°C/ 160°C (fan forced). Grease a 22cm fluted ring pan. Place several macadamia nuts and half the coconut over the base of the pan
  3. Attach the rotor slicer shredder to the stand mixer with the medium shredding drum. Place the stainless steel mixing bowl under the hopper. Turn to speed 6 and add the remaining nuts to the hopper and shred
  4. Place the mixing bowl on the mixer and attach the flat beater. To the macadamia meal, add the rice flour, baking powder, gum and remaining coconut. Turn to speed 2 and mix until well combined. Remove mixture from the bowl and set aside
  5. Return the empty mixing bowl to the stand mixer. Add eggs, sugar and lemon zest. Turn mixer to speed 8 and beat for 8 minutes or until very thick and creamy. Reduce to speed 1, add the flour mixture, yoghurt and oil and mix until just combined - do not over mix
  6. Pour into the prepared pan and bake for 30 minutes or until firm to touch and golden brown. Stand for 5 minutes before turning out. Decorate with summer fruits and serve with thick vanilla yoghurt
Tips & Hints:
  • Brown rice flour adds a firm texture and rich flavour to cakes. Brown rice flour and Xanthan gum add body to baked goods and are both available from health food stores and the health food section of supermarkets. A second bowl is useful. Additional 4.8 litre or 3 litre stainless steel bowls are available from stockists. The macadamia nuts can also be quickly processed in the small bowl of the food processor. Do not over process or the nutmeal will become oily.

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Average: 4 (2 votes)