Prep:  10 minutes
Cook:  30 minutes
Serves:  4
Average: 4.3 (21 votes)
Recipe by: Foodbank
Support the brands that support Foodbank. This recipe is made with McCain Frozen Peas along with bacon, leeks, feta and parmesan cheese for a wonderful flavour pop.
Credit: Whisk Media Group

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Pea, Leek and Bacon Frittata
  1. Preheat oven to 180°C
  2. Cook leek and bacon in a medium frypan, until soft. Set aside
  3. In a large bowl, lightly beat eggs with milk and season. Stir in feta and peas, then add leek and bacon mix. Stir until well combined
  4. Pour into baking dish and sprinkle parmesan on top. Bake for 30 minutes, or until set and golden. Serve with mixed salad leaves
Tips & Hints:
  • Use a frying pan with a heatproof handle, or cook and prepare as per the recipe adding all ingredients to a baking-paper-lined lamington tray instead
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