5 ways with risotto rice

What to make with risotto rice such as Arborio and Carnaroli. These recipes are some different ways to cook risotto rice for family meals.

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5 ways with risotto rice

Risotto rice such as Arborio, Carnaroli and more are starchy medium-grain varieties of rice that are traditionally used to make creamy risotto. However, they can be used in a variety of other delicious recipes, too. Wondering what to make with risotto rice? Check out this range of meals and desserts for any occasion.

1. Risotto

Risotto is of course on the top of the list. Mastering the technique of gradually adding stock and stirring constantly will give you the perfect creamy bite. There are plenty of ways to change up your risotto recipe, see some ideas below.
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2. Arancini

Get the recipe: Giant Arancini Balls
Traditionally made using leftover risotto, arancini balls are so good we won’t blame you for having risotto rice on hand just for making arancini. They're golden and crisp on the outside, but creamy and cheesy inside. Make them larger for a meal or smaller for an entrée.

3. Baked rice

Rice bakes are a great midweek meal, simply put together and toss it in the oven until you have hot, baked perfection. Using risotto rice in a bake gives it a creamier texture.
Another rice bake recipe:

4. Paella

Paella is a traditional Spanish dish cooked in a large, shallow pan and has a similar texture to risotto. The above recipe is inspired by the flavours of paella.

5. Rice pudding

A sweeter take on this delicious little grain, cooking Arborio rice with milk and spices will give you an extra velvety rice pudding. 
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