7 easy secrets to making crispy waffles


Learn how to make crispy waffles from scratch with these simple secrets! These seven simple secrets are all you need to know to achieve golden, crispy waffles every time.

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7 easy secrets to making crispy waffles

Enjoying homemade waffles can be just as easy as making pancakes! These waffle tips and recipes will have you making golden and crispy waffles from scratch in no time.

How to make crispy waffles from scratch

1. Mix your wet and dry ingredients first

Always mix your dry and wet ingredients together separately before bringing them together. Sift together all the dry ingredients or stir with a whisk in a large bowl. This ensures all the ingredients, especially the raising agents, are evenly distributed. Stir all the wet ingredients together, including any eggs. If your recipe has melted butter, make sure it’s cooled before adding to eggs to avoid scrambled eggs. Now you can mix them all together and be sure all the ingredients are evenly combined.
An evenly mixed batter means all your waffles will be as crisp and fluffy as the next.
2. Mix the batter gently
It’s OK for waffle batter to be lumpy! Whisk your ingredients together slowly and gradually, and mix only until just incorporated. Some lumps are fine and will cook out. If your recipe calls for whipped egg whites, carefully fold them into the batter in three or four batches. 
Don’t overmix. Overmixing your waffle batter can leave you with tough, chewy or hard waffles instead of crisp waffles with tender insides.
3. Why do you need to rest waffle batter?
Resting waffle batter in the fridge allows the gluten in the batter to relax and absorb the moisture, resulting in tender waffles. Also, a cool batter will keep the insides of the waffle from overcooking while the outside gets nice and crisp.
Let the batter rest in the fridge for about 10 minutes. This is the perfect time to preheat your waffle maker and prepare any toppings.
4. Don’t open the waffle maker while cooking
No peeking, please! Lifting the lid and checking on the doneness will lower the temperature, resulting in less crisp waffles. It can also pull the waffles apart, stop them from rising properly and ruin the texture.
5. How can you tell when waffles are cooked?
A waffle maker with lights or sounds that indicate when your waffles are cooked is ideal. However, if your waffle maker doesn’t have these features then keep an eye on the steam. Once the steam stops coming out of the side, your waffle should be nice and crispy.
6. How to keep waffles warm and crispy
If you’re making stacks of waffles to feed a few people, turn on your oven. Not only will it keep the waffles warm while you cook the rest, but the oven will reinforce the crispiness. 
Preheat your oven to 100°C. Place waffles directly from the waffle maker onto a clean oven rack in a single layer. This allows air to circulate around the waffles and prevents them from going soggy. For best results, all the waffles (including the last one) need at least 5 minutes of oven time. 
7. Have your toppings ready
Have all your toppings ready and at room temperature. Room temperature toppings will keep your waffles nice and hot, and hot waffles stay crisp for longer.

The first real step to making crispy waffles is the right waffle maker. It's best to choose a non-stick waffle maker - this is the best surface for cooking waffles without risk of sticking or mess. They’re also easy to clean, and generally only need a quick wipe down while still warm. Since all waffle makers are different, it's also a good idea to read and understand all the instructions before using. Following the manufacturer's intructions is a surefire way to get great results.


Waffle recipes

Get lots of great waffle recipes below! From classic sweet waffles to savoury renditions, there's a waffle recipe for everything.

Don't forget that you can save these recipes to your myfoodbook ecookbooks with your free myfoodbook account! If you don't have an account yet, start creating your own cookbooks and recipes by signing up here.

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