Can you cook a Christmas pudding in the microwave?

Yes, you can microwave your Christmas pudding with the right recipe! Save time and effort - learn how to microwave instead of steaming or boiling your pudding.

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Can you cook Christmas pudding in the microwave?

Yes! With the right recipe, you can save heaps of time and effort by cooking your pudding in the microwave. Cooking traditional Christmas puddings involves hours and hours of boiling (at least 6 hours, and sometimes much more), which not everyone has time for in the busy festive season. Thankfully, there is a much easier and faster way to cook a pudding and still get those classic Christmas flavours. With your trusty microwave, you can cook a pudding from start to finish in as little as 1.5 hours!

How to cook Christmas pudding in a microwave

GET THE RECIPE: Cheat's Microwave Christmas Pudding

Click the link above to get the full recipe for this quick Christmas pudding. It's so fast and easy, but it still has those classic intense flavours of dried fruit, brandy and spices.

Just remember these tips so your pudding turns out perfectly:

Grease and line the bowl. Use a circle of baking paper to ensure that the pudding can easily be removed. Spoon batter into bowl and smooth out the top. Cut two circles to fit the diameter of the bowl. Place these onto the pudding mixture. This helps to contain the moisture and stop the top drying out. 

Elevate your pudding. Don’t skip this step! It’s very important to raise the pudding from the turntable on a rack or something else to get even cooking all over. Many microwaves will come with small racks, but if you don’t have one, use an upturned saucer or side plate to raise your pudding instead.

Cook at a lower power level. This is important to make sure the mixture doesn’t burn. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to reduce the power level to 40% or 50% (400-500 watts), either will be fine. Every microwave will differ in wattage and size and this greatly affects the cooking times.

Let the pudding rest. At the end of the cooking time, the centre 8cm of the pudding will look under cooked. Don't worry! Leave the pudding in the mircowave and allow to stand for 15-20 minutes. The residual heat will cook the pudding the rest of the way. If the centre is still too soft after resting, cook the pudding further in 5 minute intervals.


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