How to make microwave Christmas pudding

There's no need to make your Christmas pudding months ahead! This quick microwave Christmas pudding is ready in as little as an hour and a half and has all the lovely flavour of a traditional pudding.

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How to make Christmas pudding in the microwave

Making Christmas pudding has never been quicker or easier! And since it's so easy, it's great for more than just once a year. Make it for Christmas in July or whip it up as a cosy winter dessert.
Fast Christmas pudding recipe
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This pudding recipe still has the traditional intense Christmas flavours in a just fraction of the time. It takes only about an hour and a half to whip this up in the microwave, compared to the hours of boiling that other puddings can take to make.
How do you microwave Christmas pudding?
  1. Choose a ceramic or heatproof glass bowl for the best result. Ensure it's large enough for the pudding mixture as it cooks, it will expand by about one third.
  2. Grease the bowl and line with a circle of baking paper so the pudding will come out easily after cooking. Add pudding batter to the bowl and smooth out the top. Cut two circles of baking paper to cover the pudding mixture. Place on top of the batter to contain the moisture and stop the top from drying out.
  3. Place your pudding onto a rack in the microwave - don’t skip this! Raising the pudding ensures even cooking, and missing this step can result in uncooked patches of batter. If your microwave didn't come with a rack, simply use a small upturned saucer instead.
  4. Make sure to reduce your microwave's power level to 40% or 50% (400-500 watts), either will be fine. Cooking at a lower power level is important to make sure the mixture doesn’t burn.
  5. At the end of the cooking time, the centre 8cm of the pudding will look under cooked. Do not despair! This is normal. Keep the base covered with the baking paper and leave it to stand for 15-20 minutes. The residual heat will continue to cook the pudding. If the centre is still too soft after resting, you can cook the pudding more in 5 minute intervals.
How to reheat Christmas pudding
If you make this pudding ahead of time, you can reheat it by removing it from the bowl and placing onto a plate. Reduce your microwave's power level to 50% (500 watts) and heat for 10-15 minutes. To make sure it's hot enough, push a metal skewer or knife into the centre of the pudding. The tip should be hot to the touch once removed. Or use a cooking thermometer, the pudding should reach 70°C in the centre.
While you’re waiting for it to heat up, it’s the perfect time to whip up some brandy cream or custard. 
How to store this Christmas pudding
Cool pudding completely. Wrap the whole pudding and bowl together in cling film or remove from pudding bowl and wrap pudding separately. In Australia during summer, refrigerate the pudding. If you're making it during the winter months, it can be put in a sealed container in a cool, dark pantry.
How long can you make this Christmas pudding ahead of time?
If stored correctly, this Christmas pudding can be made 1-2 months ahead. Always check that the wrapping and container are still intact and have not come away. If the cake is exposed to air it can become mouldy or dry out. If storing the pudding in a pantry, check the seal of the container intermittently and look for any growth of mould.
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