Make the perfect Christmas pavlova

Get professional tips for making the perfect Christmas pavlova, plus get recipes and ideas for topping your pavlovas.

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Your guide to making the perfect pavlova recipes this Christmas

The fun of doing the ‘stiff peaks’ test, holding the bowl over your head like a Wally. The fun of throwing berries all over it and it still coming out looking terribly gourmet! Aussies love their pavlova - it’s a dessert synonymous with summer, Christmas and outdoor entertaining.
Tips for making the best pavlova recipe
Annette Forrest, food stylist and recipe developer, gives us her top five tips to making the perfect Christmas pavlova:
  • The most important thing to remember when making pavlova is that moisture is their greatest enemy! Don’t make a pavlova on a humid or rainy day.
  • I like to use free-range eggs at room temperature, and ensure there is not a single speck of egg yolk in the separated whites.
  • Using egg whites that have been frozen then thawed means that the egg white is stabilised, and stable egg whites make great pavlovas. So don’t throw out any egg whites, freeze them!
  • There is no doubt that pavlovas that are left overnight to cool in the turned off oven, with the door ajar, hold up the best.
  • Of all the pavlova toppings, I think that whipped cream, berries and a drizzle of fresh passionfruit is the very best!
We are convinced and rather fancying some for ourselves now…
Pavlova recipes and toppings
Here’s a snapshot of some extraordinary pavlova recipes from a range of our recipe partners. Check out the full collection of pavlova recipes, save your favourites and make your own FREE cookbook!
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Play Video: Mini pavlovas with poached peaches
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